Justin Bieber & Selena

Justin Bieber & Selena: love in texas; chapter 1. The beginning of the day was dark and gloomy. It was raining outside. The wind was blowing drastically. It was 6:45 am The alarm clock turned on & started playing “Boyfriend” by Justin Bieber. I got startled & dramatically fell out of bed, immediately groaning in pain. I lifted myself up holding the bed, & turned off her alarm. I looked around, thinking; what to do first. I opened one of the boxes on the ground & took out a towel. Sam: -grabs the towel & heads to the bathroom- Gosh, how do I work this shower thing.. I pressed a button & pulled a handle, & all of a sudden freezing water started spraying everywhere, making a huge mess. The water was soon on the ground & all over me. My dad ran in & magically turned it off in two seconds. Sam: Um thanks dad. -smiles- Mr. Jordan: Oh man, whatta mess. Take your shower, then you’re gonna clean this up. I’ll help you out. -smiles- Call me when you’re done. Sam: Gotcha. Mr. Jordan: And to prevent further messiness, pull the red handle forwards if you wanna turn it off & pull the blue one back if you want it turned off. & adjust the shower head so it doesn’t aim toward the door. -smiles- Sam: Thanks! I had a lot of adjusting to do with this house. I barely knew how to work the shower. I got undressed & pulled the red handle forwards, turning on the warm water. I took my shower, & then I brushed my teeth. I went back to my room searching for something to wear. I put on some blue jean shorts & my Harvard pullover sweatshirt. I didn

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